Monday, October 8, 2012

What does SEO mean? What is a Spider?

First, let's start with defining some of the most common terms.

SEO - is short for Search Engine Optimization, this is a broad term for all the things that go into getting your website, blog, video or other page to show up on search engine results for your keywords.

On Page SEO - The Optimization that you can actually see on the page that includes the page title, paragraph titles and content (descriptions or articles).

Off Page SEO - Optimization that not visible to human visitors but is seen by the search engine robots including meta data, keywords, incoming links and more (lots more info to come, let us start slow).

Spider or Robot - Search engines constantly search through the internet looking for updated and new pages to add to their listings and the program that does this is called a spider or sometimes referred to as a robot.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome To My Brand New SEO Blog!

Welcome to my new blog all about getting more traffic to your website, blog, social media. I am going to go over basic SEO methods, PPC methods, social media and much more for begginers. I will share how to make $ from your page views and drive targeted traffic to where you want.